Fun Facts about Jane
  1. I firmly believe everyone is creative. Yes, that means YOU.
  2. My personal motto: Be kind.
  3. I am fiercely loyal.
  4. I am incredibly curious.
  5. I really am okay being 5’0” tall even though my only sibling is 5’20”… I’ve been told I have the personality of someone 10’ tall (but, gosh, I really hope that isn’t true. I think a 10’ tall person would have all sorts of personality issues.)
  6. I wanted to get my degree in art history or interior design, but my Dad said art history wasn’t practical and interior design was too competitive. Hmmm…. and, now, I’m an artist.
  7. It took me wwwwaaayyyy too long to learn I was smart · an artist · worthy of love · a good friend · funny · a pretty good photographer.
  8. I am a work in progress and am really okay being perfectly imperfect.
  9. I picked out my nieces first names. They will thank me when they are older. They were pretty grumpy about their names when they were little.
  10. I could eat Mexican food every day of the week… if my allergies would let me.
  11. I LOVE the Minions… they make me laugh, giggle and smile. Smiling is good.
  12. Fall is my favorite season.
  13. At times, I hated moving so much as a kid, but now, I wouldn’t trade my “Army brat” nomad lifestyle for anything in the world. On average, I moved more than once per year during my first 18 years. Yes, it is a staggering number.
  14. I love Paris. Yes, the city in France… not Texas or Kentucky or even Idaho. I’m sure they are lovely towns.
  15. I love Maine. Best lobsters of my life were enjoyed there once on an amazing solo vacation.
  16. And speaking of solo vacations, I strongly recommend solo vacations regardless if you are single or married. Alone time is crucial for your soul… and it is even better when you are unplugged.
  17. I LOVE dogs. My husband does not. He knows a lot about dogs and even likes other people’s dogs. If something ever happens to him, I’m getting a dog (or two)… not another husband.
  18. I attended prom in a castle… a real castle in Germany. It was magical. I got to attend a dinner dance in the same castle 33 years later. It, too, was magical.
  19. I love Michael Jordan #23. He was THE best basketball player EVER. No, I can’t play basketball… I’m vertically challenged (see #5).
  20. Every August I still feel compelled to go to the office supply store and buy ‘back to school’ supplies. No, I’m not in school nor do I have children.
  21. I’ve lost too many friends too early.
  22. I’m incredibly grateful for the Internet. It has put the pieces of my life back together again.
  23. I love Sundays.
  24. I believe all women – young and old – should be able to comfortably enjoy a meal in a fine dining restaurant alone without their phone for a companion. Women should also be able to enjoy going to the movies alone (again, no phone).
  25. I was a tomboy growing up. I have LOTS of male cousins and I wanted to be “one of the guys”.
  26. I was in my early 40’s when it dawned on me my favorite color is a “girly” color. I love hot pink. There, I said it.
  27. I would like to live in Italy for 6 to 12 months.
  28. I have been known to lose several hours of my life on Pinterest. Don’t judge me.
  29. I love bulletin boards. I have one in my closet. I have a big one in my studio. I guess that’s why I love Pinterest (see #28).

… more to come …